Benefits of Modular Installers Association Membership

Labor Relations
Members of the Modular Installers Association are represented in collective bargaining agreement negotiations and all labor relations matters.

Laws and Regulations
Through regular meetings and communications, the MIA provides its Members with access to resources regarding regulations, industry best practices, and legal decisions that impact contractors working in the industry. MIA Members  are also provided updates as to laws and regulations impacting industry standards, safety and labor practices on the state and federal level.

Industry Communications
The MIA promotes association Members, providing access to a broader audience of potential clients and regional resources.

To Become an MIA Member Each MIA Contractor Must:

•  Be a licensed contractor principally engaged in modular furniture systems installation work in Northern California;

•  Be signatory to the  local of the United Brotherhood of  Carpenters– Northern California Carpenters Regional Council;

•  Complete an MIA Membership Application;

•  Assign their bargaining rights to the MIA;

•  Pay the Initiation Fee and Annual Dues as established in the MIA Bylaws.

For more information about becoming a MIA member, contact us today.